Deborah Coen (Barnard College, New York)

Séminaire "Histoire des sciences humaines en Europe centrale", 6e séance

Séance coordonnée par Carole Maigné-Quenet (Université Paris 4, FORMESTH)

17 juin 2011
Salle Las Vergnas à Censier 3e étage
Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle, 13 rue de Santeuil
75005 Paris


The Exner family was late imperial Vienna’s foremost scientific dynasty; it included Nobel-Prize winning biologist Karl Frisch, the teachers of Sigmund Freud and Erwin Schrödinger, artists of the Vienna Secession, and a leader of the movement for women’s education. In their roles as university administrators and as liberal advisors to the education ministry and to the upper house of parliament, the Exners shaped the content and values of the education system of the Habsburgs’ vast empire. This presentation will consider the Exners’ contributions to Viennese science, culture, and politics, as well the broader implications of their lives for the history of nineteenth-century Austrian science in relation to both private and public life.

Deborah Coen (Barnard College, New York)